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    Video Preview of:  A Musical Celebration Of Mary

                          "Mary Show" Preview also found on Youtube.com

One of the most inspirational spiritually moving performances to ever tour Catholic parishes. This scripturally based performance features theologically sound dialogue and breathtaking songs reverently delivered, inspiring the faithful with a "Marian Message" that will enrich their lives and that of the entire parish community. A statue of Mary is adorned on a table with flowers and candle light front and center as the performance is delivered. "This is a performance you will talk about with friends and family for a long time to come".

Hear about Mary in a way you never have before. After seeing this performance, you will have a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of Mary and the important role that she plays in the salvation of mankind, bringing people closer to her Son.  Audiences of all ages have joyfully come away with a renewed spirit and enlightened knowledge of how Mary should fit into the everyday lives of God's holy people...

Bring this spiritual performance to your parish to inspire the faithful with sound Catholic doctrine in a most enjoyable musical form. Song after song you will hear about Mary's faithfulness to God and how her lowly, humble "YES" has become the example for all Christians to follow as we learn to serve God more faithfully in accordance to His holy will. Many of those in attendence have been brought to tears as they experience a heart felt meditation upon the life, love, joys and sorrows of Mary the Mother of God. As we come to know Mary better, we also come to know her Son in a most wonderful way..... Click on this "information package" link to open or download an information document about our performance.

As more and more Catholic music artists join in the new evangelization of the Church they need your ever growing support for their ministry of music in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Randy & Laurie singing "Mary Said Yes" on the world wide EWTN broadcast of the Divine Mercy Sunday Mass, Stockbridge, MA  April 19, 2009 for Marians of the Immaculate Conception.

Your “Donation” in any amount is appreciated and gives smaller parishes and communities the chance to host a performance in honor of Mary.

       Email from listeners about his performance on EWTN

Worldwide TV broadcast of the Divine Mercy Sunday Mass and his new CD "A Musical Celebration Of Mary"....

Dear Randy, ...After our Divine Mercy Celebration at our parish that I helped with this year, I watched EWTN's Encore of their celebration broadcast at Stockbridge. There to my pleasant surprise stood a man singing a song "Mary Said Yes". Then I remembered your recent phone call. The voice sounded like you and it was beautiful! No doubt one you had written! I was thrilled to have been able to be apart of your special honor. That was no accident. I appreciate you keeping in touchwith me and I hope to meet you some day so we can share our devotion to Our Lady and the Divine Mercy of Jesus.  God Bless You!  D.M

I heard you at Divine Mercy Sunday in Stockbridge. I was moved deeply.

I immediately fell in love with the Celebration of Mary CD.  My husband and I were truly blessed that beautiful weekend and your presence and participation especially during Holy Mass (Divine Mercy Sunday) with your amazing voice added to our spectacular celebration of God's Mercy..

It is only through the grace of God and our Lady's intercession that this is possible.  Your love for the Blessed Mother has touched me in such a way that it has brought me closer to her and to her son.  I thank you abundantly for all that you do to promote more devotion to her and to Christ.  

 I really cannot express my feelings on what I , we felt listening to your Mary CD and how beautiful and inspiring it was, it really brought both of us to tears, please keep on singing these beautiful songs, you'll never know how many people you have touched with your music.

                                 Contact us at: 615.530.6359 or randyalbright@ikahnrecords.com